Ballistic Combat Shirt (BCS)


The Ballistic Combat Shirt (BCS) is designed to function as an Advanced Combat Shirt (ACS) while providing ballistic fragmentation protection and flame-resistant protection to the Soldier.


The BCS provides ballistic fragmentation protection to the upper arms and shoulders and is worn under the Modular Scalable Vest (MSV). The BCS consists of a shirt with flame-resistant sleeves, yoke, collar, and deltoid ballistic protection. It also has a foam elbow pad covered with flame-resistant fabric.

The non-ballistic materials used in the construction of the BCS are equal to those used in the construction of the ACS and provide the same capability (flame resistance, no melt - no drip, and moisture wicking). There are five standard unisex and five standard female sizes.

The Female BCS (FBCS), developed specifically for the female, includes a flared sweep design at the waist and hips that prevents the shirt from riding up, as well as shorter arm lengths. A cut-out in the ballistic collar allows for a hair bun, preventing interference between the collar and various female hairstyles.