Body Armor, Legacy Concealable (CBA)


Provides optimum mobility, protection, comfort, and suitability for operational environments ranging from police duties to support of operations other than war.


The Concealable Body Armor (CBA) is a concealable, lightweight, and flexible vest that allows free range of motion and protection against ballistic threats.

The CBA is for Soldiers in military police units, corrections, confinement, and law enforcement operations, Department of Defense investigative and security components, and other U.S. Armed Forces. The missions of these service personnel expose them to a variety of threats from small arms (handguns and small caliber weapons).

The CBA provides ballistic protection against 9mm, .357, and .44 Magnum rounds in accordance with National Institute of Justice IIIA standards. CBAs produced after 2QFY13 incorporate new interior plate pockets in front and back torso for insertion of Small Arm Protective Insert (SAPI) plates for increased rifle threat protection.