Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)


Provides the Soldier improved ballistic protection, stability, and comfort without degrading vision or hearing.


The Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) was type classified and has been in use since 2003. It replaced the Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) helmet.

The ACH is lighter than the PASGT. It provides improved fragmentation, ballistic, and impact protection. The ACH features a pre-drilled Night Vision Device (NVD) bracket hole allowing for integration with fielded NVDs. The ACH includes modular flame and moisture-resistant pads that act as the suspension system, providing impact protection to the Soldier’s head. The ACH includes the Improved Retention System (IRS), which improved fit, adjustability, and stability.

In 2012, the Army improved the ACH by reducing the weight by eight (8) percent while maintaining the same ballistic and non-ballistic performance. The lightweight ACH (LW ACH) is scheduled to begin production in calendar year 2014. The ACH is fielded with the ballistic “nape pad,” which attaches onto the retention system to the rear of the ACH. The ballistic nape pad provides ballistic and fragmentation protection for the neck between the bottom of the helmet shell and top of the Body Armor collar.