Gloves, Army Combat


Protects the Soldier’s hands while moving/carrying equipment, navigating through rough terrain, and during the conduct of combat operations.


The Army Combat Glove is manufactured from flame-resistant para- and meta-aramid materials which contain conductive anti-static fiber. The glove is form-fitting, offering maximum dexterity, tactility, flexibility, flame-resistance, and cut protection. The leather palm is goat/kidskin. Thread materials are 100 percent flame-resistant para-aramid. The gloves can be laundered without losing their protective properties.

PEO Soldier is testing the Army Combat Glove-Capacitive (ACG-C), which is a Flame Resistant Combat Glove with capacitive touch that can be worn for all combat-related activities. The ACG-C offers capacitive touch, maximum dexterity, tactility, and durability, while allowing Soldiers to perform a multitude of job-related functions (e.g., weapons qualification, breeching obstacles, fire support, and operations with end-user devices). It offers fire resistance and cut protection. The Combat Vehicle Crewman’s (CVC) Glove and the Summer Flyer’s Glove are lightweight, unlined cloth and leather gloves.

The CVC Glove contains flame-resistant Simplex knit Nomex and has leather palms made of water-resistant cattle-hide or horse-hide. The Summer Flyer’s Glove has flame-resistant Simplex knit Nomex with palms made of water-resistant hair sheep leather. Both gloves can be laundered without losing their flame-resistance properties.