M205 Lightweight Tripod


Provide lightweight tripods that enable quicker and more accurate target engagements for dismounted machine guns.


The M205 Lightweight Tripod for Heavy Machine Guns provides a stable firing platform for the M2/M2A1 and MK19, replacing the currently used M3 tripod.

With the 34-pound M205, the Soldier will experience 32 percent less weight than with the standard 50-pound M3 Tripod with T&E and pintle. Soldiers will also be able to take advantage of the enhanced tripod’s integrated T&E mechanism. The M205 collapses to less than 50 percent of deployed height and width and will not require adapters.

The tripod takes advantage of the full range and versatility of the M2/M2A1 and MK19 and allows for consistent elevation and depression throughout the full range of motion. The mount provides an integral T&E mechanism that allows for quicker, more accurate target engagement and allows for one-handed operation.


  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Length: Stowed 46 inches; deployed 75 inches
  • Width: Stowed 12 inches; deployed 69 inches
  • Height: Stowed 8 inches; deployed 25 inches