M192 Lightweight Ground Mount


Provides lightweight tripods that enable quicker and more accurate target engagements for dismounted machine guns.


The M192 Lightweight Ground Mount for Machine Guns is an improved-capability ground mount that replaces the M122A1 and M122 Tripods. The M192 is a compact and collapsible ground mount that reduces the Soldier’s combat load and improves mobility. At 11.5 pounds, the M192 features a lower profile and weighs approximately six pounds less than the M122A1 Tripod it replaced. The mount provides an integral Traversing and Elevation (T&E) mechanism that allows for quicker, more accurate target engagement and allows for one-handed operation.

This T&E mechanism accommodates the M240B, M240L, and M249 Machine Guns and eliminates the user’s need for adaptors to mount these machine guns. Other features include a traverse limit stop, a built-in spent case deflector, and the ability to fold up and store in the spare barrel bag. The mount includes corrosion-resistant protective finishes.

There is also an ongoing improvement effort for the M192 to address performance issues reported by Soldiers. The primary thrust for this effort was to raise the pintle height 3-4 inches while also increasing the ground clearance of the T&E mechanism. A more ergonomic traverse limit stop was also developed. These improvements are part of an upgrade kit to be fielded as a Modification Work Order (MWO) to the M192 with initial fielding projected to start in 2QFY20.


  • Weight: 11.5 pounds
  • Length: Stowed 24 inches; deployed 31.75 inches
  • Width: Stowed 11.0 inches; deployed 34.0 inches
  • Height: Stowed 6.5 inches; deployed 10.75 inches