M240B/L/H 7.62mm Medium Machine Gun with short barrel


Provides significant, reliable, and lethal medium support fire for aviation and ground units such as Infantry, Armor, Field Artillery, and Combat Engineers.


The M240B Medium Machine Gun is a variant of the M240 mounted on Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Abrams tanks. It has been reconfigured for ground applications with buttstock, bipod, iron sights, and forward rail assemblies. The system has a maximum effective range of 1,800 meters.

The M240L incorporates a titanium receiver and alternative materials for fabricating major M240B components. These improvements reduce the Soldier’s combat load while allowing easier handling and movement of the weapon. Configured with a short barrel and telescoping buttstock, the M240L weighs 21.8 pounds, 5.8 pounds lighter than the M240B. The M240L meets all of the reliability and operational characteristics of the M240B.

The M240H (Aviation Version) is a self-defensive armament subsystem for the UH-60 and CH-47 helicopters. A key attribute of the system is the ability to employ it as a ground-mounted weapon in the case of an emergency. The system delivers two minutes of continuous suppressive fire and demonstrates reliability equal to the M240B.


  • Caliber: 7.62mm
  • Weight:
    • M240B: 27.6 pounds
    • M240H: 26.3 pounds
    • M240L: 21.8 pounds
  • Length:
    • M240B: 48.5 inches
    • M240H: 41.2 inches
    • M240L: 44.5 inches
  • Maximum effective range: 1,800 meters (area target)