Common Helmet Mounted Display, Day Version (WCDDM – WAVES Color Day Display Module)


Works in tandem with the Common Helmet Mounted Display (CHMD) and provides essential aircraft symbology at night from the Advanced Sight and Display Computer to the right eye of the aviator, enabling pilots to fly with their heads up and eyes looking outside the cockpit.


The WAVES Color Night Display Module (WCNDM) mounts to the current Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System (AN/AVS-6) by removing and replacing the right eye piece of the AN/AVS-6 with the WCNDM. The WCNDM meets the ANVIS specification (MIL-PRF-49425) and adds less than .125 lbs to the NVG weight.

In the event of a WCNDM failure, the aided night vision capability (without symbology) is retained via the ANVIS battery pack power.