NGSW Automatic Rifle


The NGSW program significantly increases lethality and probability of hit at the squad level. Due to the nature of the NGSW ammunition, the 6.8mm projectile will outperform even the most modern 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammunition. These weapon systems will give Soldiers significant capability improvements in accuracy, range, signature management, and lethality. 



The NGSW Automatic Rifle is a lightweight, belt-fed, select fire, 6.8mm light machine gun. It has fully ambidextrous controls, a collapsible buttstock, MLOK® mounting locations, and a recoil mitigation system. The weapon was designed to be suppressed and comes with a quick detach suppressor optimized for the system to deliver reduction in both sound and visible flash signatures with a significant decrease in the flow of gases back to the receiver.