Wind Jacket


The Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (GEN III ECWCS) allows the Soldier to adapt to varying mission requirements and environmental conditions. Utilized materials offer a greater range of breathability and environmental protection, providing greater versatility in meeting Soldiers’ needs.


GEN III ECWCS utilizes an innovative design that reduces bulk; it takes up 33 percent less space and weighs 25 percent less than its predecessor systems. Each piece of GEN III ECWCS functions either alone or in concert with other components as a system. This provides more options for the Soldier and enables seamless integration with load-bearing equipment and body armor configurations. The GEN III ECWCS design allows moisture to escape and at the same time has water-resistant properties.


GEN III ECWCS is a 12-piece kit that enables Soldiers to utilize seven different layers, depending on the mission and environment. The system functions through insulation, layering, and ventilation. Insulation resists the transmission of heat, traps air, and wicks moisture away from the body. Layering increases air space and allows easy adjustment to a Soldier’s activity level. Ventilation allows moisture to escape. By mixing and matching GEN III ECWCS components, Soldiers can protect themselves from temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Level 4 Wind Jacket is constructed of 98% stretchable nylon and 2% spandex. It is low-weight and low-bulk and includes a shell layer designed to be worn with base and insulative levels in transitional environments to provide wind and sand protection. It has a water-resistant finish and moisture-wicking properties to keep Soldiers dry and comfortable. Other features include:

• Full Zipper with Zipper Thong for Easy Opening and Closing

• Angled Chest Pockets with a Mesh Lining

• Velcro Closure Sleeve Pockets

• Velcro fasteners for rank and name plates.

• Elastic Cuffed Sleeves

• I.R. Tags on Sleeves

• Adjustable Waist Drawstring With Barrel Locks